Biology Module 5: Heredity | Study Questions and answers


Tired of seeing my students agonize over the tiny details in their notes which were rarely assessed, I decided I would curate the commonly recurring HSC questions relevant to the new syllabus. Going back 10s of years of HSC papers, I realised that there were common themes and ideas which they always asked in nearly every biology HSC. What are they? How can I see most my exam before I sit it? See for yourself. I arranged the questions by topic so you can see the questions which are relevant and how they are rephrased year to year.

Included in this study guide:

  • Sample multiple choice and short answer HSC biology module 5 questions.
  • A module 5 test for you to identify your strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Topic tests with multiple choice, short responses and of course exemplar answers.

Enjoy over 40 HSC style questions all related to module 5 HSC biology!

Check your answers with our exemplar answers and answering guides.

Written by Joshua Mills, founder of, 2019 HSC high achiever first to get band 6's in physics, chemistry, biology and science extension.

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Module 5 exam with multiple choice and short answers, topic quizzes and sample exemplar answers.

43 pages

Biology Module 5: Heredity | Study Questions and answers

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